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Welcome to Butlers Balti Indian & Kashmiri Curry Cuisine

Balti is a traditional northern dish, this originates from the north west and northern Punjab. This is a very popular dish cooked in a cast iron pot which enhances the exotic flavours. A dish which has to be tasted to be appreciated.

The idea of the balti pan was brought from China along the ancient Silk Route across the Karakoram Pass, Baltistan and into Punjab evolving into slightly deeper, more rounded pans and becoming one of the main cooking implements.

The food served in the Balti pan is freshly cooked and aromatically spiced curries.  Balti food is very aromatic but not excessively spiced with chillies. Traditionally it is eaten without rice or cutlery. Balti bread is used to scoop up the food using the right hand.

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